General Questions

Is Spelling Classroom free?

FreeTrial2SpellingClassroom.com is a membership site.  You can try our program with our 14 day Membership trial which requires no financial information.  You will first need to create an account (free) to start a trial.

We are a membership based site because we do not want to advertise to children. There are no ads on SpellingClassroom.com.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

FreeTrial2Yes. All memberships have a 30 Day Money Back guarantee. You can try before you buy with our 14 day membership trial which requires no financial information.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Yes. You can go to our Purchase Order form OR email admin@spellingclassroom.com with your purchase order. Please include the number of classrooms you would like to purchase. All checks are made out to:

Contact: joe@spellingclassroom.com
Company Name: Synergy1 Group, Inc.
Location: St. Augustine, FL 32092

Is SpellingClassroom an 'Ad Free' site?


Yes. We are an ‘Ad Free’ site!

We are a membership based site because we do not want to advertise to children. There are no ads on SpellingClassroom.com.

How is SpellingClassroom different from Spelling City?

SpellingClassroom is unique from other spelling programs in many ways.  Click here to view a summary of our unique features.

I only have one student, do you have a one student package?

If you are a parent using the program for your children we have recently added an individual student package plan.

The Family package is meant for 1 to 5 students.  If you have a family larger than 5, you can add individual seats to the package.

What about the BigIQkids Spelling+Vocabulary program?

We will be phasing out the BigIQkids Spelling+Vocabulary program and replacing it with SpellingClassroom.com. Upgraded BigIQkids Members will be able to use their BigIQkids accounts until their expiration date.  We will be notifying current BigIQkids members of this change..

Is SpellingClassroom self-paced learning?

At school, students are required to advance as a group, but with SpellingClassroom, your child has the ability to govern their own progress and excel at their own pace.  The program provides student’s with continual progress cues via the student’s side navigation.


Plus a ‘NEXT LESSON’ button to move students to their next lesson.


Students have an up-to-date visual snapshot of how they’re doing via their Course Summary page.


Is SpellingClassroom aligned with Common Core State Standards?


Keeping in mind Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is not a curriculum but a set of standards.  SpellingClassroom.com is a resource that supports CCSS initiatives such as foundational reading skills, writing, language arts and cross curricular learning.

Do you have a letter to send home to parents?


You can find the letter in your teacher’s account ‘Settings’ tab.

Parent’s Permission Letter



Program/Technical Questions

Do you have Spelling Classroom on mobile devices like iPads, and Android and Kindle Apps?


To to our App Page to see all our mobile options.

AppleiconSpellingClassroom – PLEASE USE THE LIVE SITE for iPads.  Our live site (www.spellingclassroom.com) works on iPads, you dot not need an Apple App to run our program on Apple Mobile devices.

We recommend viewing the program with the the FireFox browser on iPads.


How do my students in different grades/levels find their word lists?

When you have students in different grades/levels you’ll need to use the word list ‘Groups’ function when creating word lists.

For example: If you have a 1st grade student and a 2nd grade student in your classroom.  When you create your word lists you’ll assign all the 1st graders word lists to the ‘1st grade’ Word List Group.


You’ll assign all the 2nd grade word lists  to the ‘2nd grade’ Word List Group.  If you already created a word list, you can easily edit an existing word list.  To edit a word list you go to your word list page and select it with the edit icon then select a word group.



When your student logs they’ll see their word list group and click on the group that apply to them to select their word list.

WordListsGroupsAfter the student completes their 1st lesson, the word list page will automatically open to their last word list completed so they won’t have to keep selecting their word list group.

You should always leave a message for your students on which ‘Group’ and which ‘Word List’ you would like your students to work on.CurrentWordListMessage

How do my students use Spelling Classroom preloaded word lists?

If you are using Spelling Classroom word lists there is nothing you need to do for your students to see the Spelling Classroom word lists as your account comes preloaded with Spelling Classroom word lists. Just leave the Spelling Classroom word lists on ‘Enable’ in your teacher’s account and your students will automatically see the Spelling Classroom word lists.

You’ll need to instruct your students on your Message page on which Spelling Classroom word list you would like your students to work on. For example: “This week you are working on Spelling 1st Grade Lesson 1″.  Once your student completes their first word list the program will automatically open the word list to the last word list the student completed. Students will not have to select word list groups again as their word list page will automatically open up to the last word list group worked on.

How do I create, edit, delete a custom word lists?

You can create/edit/delete word lists from your word list page.

To create a word list, click on the ‘New Word List’ button on top of the word list page.

To edit or delete a word list, click on the edit or delete icon in the word list’s row.


Can I turn on/off lessons and tests?

Yes.  SpellingClassroom is very customizable!  You can easily turn modules on/off by logging into your teacher’s account and at your word list page click on the “Course Overview’ Module.  Here you can turn on/off any modules.  When you turn a module ‘OFF’ it will not been seen in your students account AND it applies to ALL word lists.


I don't understand how turning modules on/off works with the Course View page?

There is a teacher ‘Course View’ page and a student ‘Course View’ page for every word lists.  The ‘Student’s Course View’ page provides students with a snapshot of their word list progress.  The ‘Course View’ page also allows access to modules (lessons/tests). When a teacher turns modules ‘OFF’ on their Teacher’s Course View’ page they will remove all ‘OFF’ modules from being shown to their students.

Below an example of a ‘Teacher’s Course View’ and ‘Student’s Course View’ pages to show you the difference.  In this example, the teacher has turned ‘OFF’ 5 modules.




Turning modules on/off also effects the  student’s side navigation during active lesson/test pages. This is what the student’s side navigation would like for this example.


How do I grade my student's writing assignments?

Direction for grading students writing lessons:

Step #1: Log into your teacher account.

Step #2: Click on the “Course Overview” for the word list you would like to grade submitted writing assignments.

Step #3: Click on the ‘Needs Grading’ Icon to go view student’s submitted papers.

Step #4: Click on the ‘Needs Grade’ text to grade each student’s submitted paper.

Step $5: Click on the ‘GRADE’ button to save your grade.

Please view the attached pic for instructions.

How do students save their writing lesson?

Direction on how to save incomplete writing lessons:

Step #1: Log into your student’s account.

Step #2: Click on the “Course Overview” for the word list you would like to work on for a writing assignment.  In this example we are working on the Sentence Writing lesson.

Step #3: Add as many sentences as you can and click on the ‘SAVE’ button if you need to save your work.  You can click on the resume button on your next visit to pick up where you left off.

Please view the attached pic to view the save button.


RESUME WORK – (after work is saved)


Can I turn the Game Page off?

Yes.  Log into your teacher’s account and click on ‘Settings’ on the top navigation buttons.  Once on your Settings Page, click on the ‘Game Page Setting’ button. It’s on the teacher’s Game Page that teachers can set the Game Page for their students to On, Off or Weekends Only.


Can I import a list from another member?

Yes. Log into your teacher’s account and on your Word List page click on the ‘Import Word Lists’ button. You can select which word lists you would like to import from another member.

How do I start a membership?

FreeTrial2You will first need to create an account to start your membership via the ‘Sign Up!’ button (top of the page).  Once you have an account, log in and click on MEMBERSHIP (top of the page). We also offer a 14 day trial and require no financial information to try our membership.

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