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  • Spelling and vocabulary study is made fun through interactive learning, game rewards and customizable buddies
  • Simulates classroom test taking scenarios
  • Systematic & unique daily lessons go around a student’s proficiency
  • Students are so engaged in the games and activities, they forget they are studying!
  • Students see and hear how words are spoken
  • Students learn their word lists to MASTERY
  • Just 10 to 15 minutes a day can lead to an ‘A’
  • Can instantaneously send progress reports and quiz results via email
  • Allows both mouse or keyboard input
  • Students earn a game coin as a reward

Welcome Parents!

As parents, we all want what’s best for our children. And when young learners start the journey down the sometimes confusing and often dull road of traditional rote learning and memorization, the need does arise for supplemental training tools. The best of these programs stimulate interaction between the student and subject matter while at the same time promoting meaningful engagement with the goal of learning to mastery. SpellingClassroom.com is such a program that makes teaching the weekly spelling and vocabulary word lists easy and fun. By leveraging our interactive technologies, students actually look forward to their daily lessons as they are guided through a self-learning process preparing them for the eventual test and providing each student with the confidence to score 100%.

And let’s not forget, since SpellingClassroom.com teaches each list to mastery, your child will enjoy a significantly higher retention rate, laying the critical foundation to literacy and future academic success.

In today’s society, literacy is more essential than ever before. The ability to read and write at heightened levels empowers an individual to develop capacities of reflection, critique and empathy, leading to a sense of self-efficacy, identity and full participation in society.

That’s why SpellingClassroom.com was developed; to bring out the best in each young learner and to remove traditional obstacles that can impact future academic success.

SpellingClassroom’s curriculum is fully customizable allowing parents to use our grade appropriate word lists or input their own. Additionally, parents are in full control of each student’s learning experience and their access to reward based educational games and activities.

What are you waiting for? Sign-up for our FREE 14 day Premium trial right now! A credit card is NEVER required and if you have any questions, we are available 24/7 to provide answers and guidance.

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As a father I can honestly say my son loves these programs. At school today, he got to do the word search lesson on the smart board. When he got home, he logged on and did it again just for fun!”

– Leroy – Father

We love this program! Ever since we started using this website, my daughter has aced every spelling and she is now excited about school. Thank you!”

– Jeani – Mom

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